Volvo S40 1995-2004

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T4 Sports Edition which looked very nice

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The 1997-1999 Super Touring TWR ( Tom Walkinshaw Racing ) made Volvo S40 that raced in the British Touring Car Championship in 1997-1999 would be a dream to have, it has a 2 liter naturally aspirated 5 cylinder engine, with around 300 + hp and a revlimit of 8500 rpm, it weighs in at 975 kgs, it`s fwd and it sounds fantastic :slight_smile:
Volvo S40 Super Touring | Cyan Racing

I’d be really happy to see this car in the game, basically any version of it, but I’d prefer the facelift model.
You could say it’s a historically significant vehicle, since it was the very first Volvo since the 70s that wasn’t boxy and it meant huge changes in design for the company thanks to Peter Horbury. Who sadly passed away a few months ago, RIP.
Plus we didn’t really get any Volvos in quite a while, I think this would be a good first candidate to change that.


2001 Volvo S40 T4

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