Volvo Iron Knight 2016

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Volvo Iron Knight

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2016 Volvo Iron Knight (FH4).

World Famous special racing truck


Since it’s a racing truck, it should join Forza Motorsport as we want to see some Racing truck championships.

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Iron Knight is better for horizon IMO
The one that is already on FH5, i think it fits better

You mean the Mercedes-Benz Tankpool truck, right?

Yea this one

Why this has almost no votes, I loved to drive this in FH4

I’d love to have the Iron Knight in FH5 and FM.
It’ll be massive loads of fun to race around in this beast, and some truck racing won’t hurt FM :slightly_smiling_face:

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But they have to ban them in online lobbies first. Basically making “truck racing” and “car racing” lobbies.



Even in a $50 car pack where it’s the ONLY thing I buy, please, Mr. Developer, give me back my bebow T-T

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Its not really a racing truck, but more a special one off truck built and designed to set speed records for trucks, its owned and operated by Swedish former truck racer : Boije Ovebrink :slight_smile:

Saw this IRL once. I want it in the game again! Please PG

This should come back

Because rammers will use these racing trucks to hit many other players?