Voice Chat: Why does it never work right?

Okay so this is another issue that seems to have been around since at least FM6 (at least that’s as far back as I remember), but seems even worse now. Voice chat is incredibly sporadic. Some races it works fine, then suddenly, it just stops working. No players even show as chatting, and my mic indicator doesn’t turn yellow either. Resetting the controller or reconnecting the mic doesn’t solve the issue so it must be a problem with the game (imagine that, a Forza bug), or the servers themselves. Can we add this to the (long) list of things to fix some time before the game is obsolete and the MP servers are taken offline?

For the record, my network connection is fine and my NAT is open.


This is a major headache for our Delta racing leagues. Our work around is to use Xbox party chats but it’s a nightmare.

We hoped F7 would have fixed the issues but sadly it hasn’t and I honestly wouldn’t expect this to be of a high importance to the developers :frowning:

I honestly can’t think of anything that is of high importance to them, judging by all of the huge bugs that have yet to be fixed.