VIP Car Pack and Membership details and discussion

I’m assuming “extra rewards” means double the credits like in Horizon 2? And kind of the same thing with cars where you get the car plus the Autoshow value of the car?

I’d guess the “extra rewards” are the unique liveried vehicles (the ones that aren’t any different to the normal vehicles apart from the livery) that have been sent to VIP players, similar to the previous games.

I know this is very off topic but will i be able to buy the VIP membership thingy after the game is out?

Yes. Or at least I assume so because that’s how every Forza’s VIP membership works.

“access to exclusive online events”

will this actually happen since Forza 6 still has the initial VIP rivals events since day one and havent been changed


the liveried vehicles are the “community gifts” benefit.

There are so many pre-order bonus cars with 2 different packs for the base version and a 3rd (plus VIP) for the Deluxe and Ultimate. It’s a bit of a mess.

Does that mean the only way to get those 6+7+10 (non-VIP) cars is to pre-order? Or does that just give you immediate access to those cars? Or will they be selling those 3 car packs separately to people who missed the pre-order? There’s no fine print for this stuff.

the pre order cars are just tuned versions of the cars immediately granted to the player from the start to give a head start whereas the VIP cars and all stars packs whilst they come with pre-ordering the deluxe and ultimate editions they as with previous forza are likely to be purchasable as separate DLC

hope that helps

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Don’t know if this has been asked yet, but does anybody know if the vip pass be available separately form the deluxe and ultimate edition? The ultimate edition is a bit expensive to what I can afford and the deluxe edition is digital only (I prefer a disc copy)

Yup. You can buy vip afterwards. If you drop my xbox store you can check out the price for it right now. So you know how much the vip cost.

Yes I think so, they were in F6 after game was out, if you wait you can pick up dlc sales when they are on. I buy alot of the dlc in F6 when it was on sale, I only paid £8 for VIP when it was on sale, after sale it went back upto £15 or more.

Just buy the standard disc version from shop then add dlc when you can theres no rush, I’ve done this with Fallout 4 bought new from ebay far cheaper than store and buy dlc now and then, I can buy it all in one go but its expensive, FH3 is no different.

Any idea if owning a number of cars in other Forza games gets you money for FH3 like it did on FM6?

Nope, not so far. They announced the loyalty and the full garage bonus in 6 wasn’t included in H3. Might still be. they really haven’t said any new game related news since E3, might be something different. I thought that was fun though and the bonus was nice. But considering the number of races, creating, VIP, auction house ect I don’t think credits will be an issue. Won’t lie all those cars and the CR bonus was a nice start in 6 lol

Lol I would just buy hundreds of the cheapest car lol

Ha ha, I’ve got 130 million CR in FM6 - I think I could buy all the cars.

Imagine transferring that over :open_mouth: haha mate I’ll have a Chiron, Vulcan, Centenar…brb I’ll write you a list and you gift me yh :wink: :wink: :wink: ahahah

If AH be like it was in F4, 100m won’t take long to get that for me lol…

Can you buy VIP membership if you installed the game using a standard retail disc? I checked VIP membership and it says bundle only. I just want to make sure so I’ll just buy the ultimate edition if I can’t buy the VIP for my standard edition.

I just want to know If I can still get the VIP cars like the Regera and F12 tdf without pre ordering or not?