VIP Badge Not Unlocked. No Post Race Bonuses

I have the VIP Pass (Ultimate Edition) and in game, it is not recognizing me as a VIP. I’m not getting the post race bonuses, nor have I received the badge. I am not game sharing.

There are a few posts on this in the other thread. I added it here so that it is now also being discussed under “FM6 Support.”


Im the exact same way… would live to be making more money considering im super broke on there lol

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Any news on a fix for this

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Is it true that only the person that purchases Forza 6 Ultimate can use VIP and DLC cars and other people that game share are stuck with basically the basic program. Mine was purchased as a gift from my wife and she did not use my driving character. Any help would be appreciated

the dlc cars should be available to use, just have to use credits to buy them though…zVIP is just for the profile that bought it though

I get all the VIP Bonuses but the badge isn’t unlocked.

Same for me, getting the bonuses… no badge!

Hello. I have problems with my VIP… the VIP bonus is working but the VIP events dissapeared and i havent gotten any vip gifts?(if theres anyone out yet?) and the biggest issue is the vip badge wich remains locked even though ive reinstalled the feature… says i need to be a forza motorsport 6 vip wich i am lol… please help me out ive sent 2 emails to the forzafb@microsoft 3 and 1 day ago and they havent replied me yet…

I have bought the Ultimate edition, now on the account I bought it with the bonus cars are available (free downloads in the cars section), but at my sons account at the same XBOX, this option is not available. Neither are the cars that I have successfully downloaded to my account now, visible in his game. I see at his gamertag, that the packs have been installed, but still no cars available. Is it even possible to do this, or am I the only one on this XBOX who can use the cars from the packs and the VIP bonusses?

I also get al the VIP bonuses but the badge isn’t unlocked. You can see the crown for VIP at my name, but the game doesn’t recognize it.
The other problem is that my game not recognizes that I’m level 8 with “Forza Rewards/Forza Hub”. This is another badge that doesn’t unlock!

Please give us a solution for this problem! I like to show that badge to my friends/opponents online.

  • I bought the Ultimate Edition and played it with early acces, if you guys need that info. -

I get all the VIP bonuses but the badge isn’t unlocked. You can see the crown for VIP at my name, but the game doesn’t recognize it.

Ultimate Edition and played it with early access. The answer is already given. Please read posts before adding to multiple others.

im have noticed issues with vip status. i have the ultimate edition of forza six and has not given me my badge for it. it gives the bonus credits and shows i have the crown for vip. please advise.

I also purchased the Ultimate Edition, played during early access, have gotten bonus credits and have a visible crown and am able to download the VIP cars. But I still do not have the “Forza Motorsport 6 VIP” badge.

i bought the vip, and i only have the cars. but i have to pay (game money)to have them. I dont have the crown either the badge and bonuses

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