Vinyl Editor Help - Thinner Circles?

Wasn’t sure if I should post this in the Horizon 4 Paint Booth section or not so I posted it here. I’m attempting to recreate this logo:

However I’m having the worst time trying to figure out how to get the circles correct. I need the bigger outline circle, but then I’m using a layer mask circle to thin that out, but then I need an additional layer mask circle to cut off the corners of the letters as seen in the logo. I’ve tried grouping the main circle and circle mask thinking that mask would then only affect things inside that group but it didn’t work so I cannot figure out how to both thin out the outer circle while also using a layer mask to round off the letters inside the circle without one of the layer masks messing up one or the other pieces of the logo.

You put the letters on top of the mask, and then it doesn’t affect them. Then you cut off the letters on top of that. You can also use a colour instead of a mask, if the colour is the car colour. Plus you can just use curves on the letters which are smaller, and easier to handle.

The problem with having the letters on top which is how I’ve been trying to do it is then adding another mask affects the circle, but adding the letters beneath the outer circle mask affects the letters so it’s a lose-lose. I guess I could try smaller vinyl masks to cut the letters somehow and see how it looks, I appreciate the response

You need a small curve, and stretch it.

Here’s how I’d do it:

First thing I’d want to do is make custom letters because they’re easier to adjust than the standard font, so I placed a K & C then traced over them with some squares and circles. (I’d normally work with black and white but used different colours and dropped the opacity here so it hopefully makes sense looking at it).

Next step is to add the outer circle, so using an outline circle shape, place the first one so that it cuts off the edges of the letter K. Then I used the right trigger to ‘group’ that individual layer, stamp and resize for the outer circle and repeat for the layer that will mask that. Hopefully the pic makes it easier to understand.

Colours switched to black and white…

14 layers, 4 individual shapes, painted by eye in the time it took to boil the kettle and make a cuppa. It could be more accurate but you get the idea hopefully. I posted a clip on my Xbox LIVE activity feed, it’s only a minute long but I thought it might help to actually see the layers in progression :slightly_smiling_face:

Might be stating the obvious here but if you’re using Horizon’s livery or vinyl editors and you only want a round logo then you can either remove the bottom grey square or keep it and create a mask of it along with the lime and pink outline circle shapes.

sometimes its easier and uses less layers to paint the negative space rather than what youre actually painting