Video of Memory Leak

Here’s the video that shows how much memory leak done by Forza 7.

It’s not just for upgrading cars, browsing rims, but also when I browse through car collection. I can’t even see the Ferrari’s in the menu. 2 weeks already the game was released and Microsoft still didn’t patch the game… I don’t get it, why to release unoptimized game on a PC? Game is crashing mid race, multiplayer crashes in lobby and I have not seen a game where it drops FPS in a main menu… Are we BETA testing here for full price?


I just did exactly what was done in the video and couldn’t reproduce the results, so its not happening for everyone.

There is definitely something going on. My game has never crashed on wheel selection, but I can see the RAM going up until it reaches around 9gb, where it stops (I have 20gb) and once it reaches it, I will get the infinite save loop. Although my game has never reached the maximum RAM available, it does show the same behavior of progressively increasing.

I can reproduce that all day, the game is unplayable. As soon as you touch any menu the ram usage just shoots up, even in the engine mod menus. Once the game have reached 10gb+ ram use once, the game can still crash later, even if the ram usage at the time of the crash is much lower. Only enjoyment I can currently get out of the game is just avoid upgrading or painting, and just keep racing the cars I win without upgrading. If you want to upgrade, keep an eye on the ram usage when modding. Then restart the game before racing, at least then the game haven’t crashed for me.

Reverting Nvidia drivers fixed the crashing during races and the rewards screen for me, but I crashed while browsing through cars last night. So I suspect this is the culprit.

If any mods are reading this, can someone please add this issue to the “Known Issues” thread? There are enough people that have posted event logs (and now videos) that I think it should be considered a known issue.

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exact same thing is happening to me since day 1. Any time a large bulk of cars/liveries/ or customization need to be loaded in I crash. if I start painting my car i crash in 10ish minutes so its literally impossible. If i dont muck about with cars just go racing, i can play all day. Customization has a memory leak. (also when browsing cars, and any time the game is loading in the games library of cars on demand)

win10 version 1703 build 15063.674

Intel i7-7700k
Geforce gtx 1070 8gb
12GB ddr4 2400mhz RAM

Im on 387.92, I never crash in race or on loading screens unless I was extensivlez customizing before entering the race, no change between driver versions, although i obviously got a performance boost with the newer ones.

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same problem here but especially in multiplayer race at loading screen :
I found this in windows message (event logger) when the game crash
Variable String too Large

IF I change nvidia drivers and back to 385.41 , it seems the error is gone.
If I go back to 387.92 , I can’t play in multplayer , the game crashes at “waiting drivers”

It’s a bit frustrating that the players are actually trying to figure this out, and there is no acknowledgement from the developers. I haven’t touched the game in a week now. At least a “We are aware and working on fixing _______ problem” would be nice. Nothing. I will never pre-order any game ever again.

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Same issue with 387.92 constant crashing, went back to 385,69 now all I get is crashes while in menus but that was always happening…

Update after 12 hours of play time.

PC here, I only get crashes in menus, The longer I play the worse it gets. The first things I see when crash time is coming are artifacts during a race then missing sections of scenery ( a few hours into the run) when the race is over it is a sure bet it will crash. A restart will fix it for another few hours.

Game settings
3840X2160 Asus 27" V-sync on
Dynamic Render–Ultra
Adv settings- all dynamic except
Anisotropic- 16X
Resolution Scale- 50%
Car Model-High
Track Texture- High

FPS run in game
Max- 138,2
Min- 79,8
Avg- 109

I7 6700K@4.5
32g ram

I know right, this game quickly occupy the entire memory and crash during non-racing screens like tuning and appearance customizing.
This frustrating issue has to be fixed before it forcing more players to refund this game.

there is definitely a massive memory leak in the Upgrade/Customize areas of the game. Every time I want to paint a car or upgrade it, my RAM just starts filling up at an astronomical pace until it inevitably crashes to desktop without a message. I reckon the ingame microstuttering from time to time is also likely caused by the same memory leak. The more races you play, the worse performance gets.

For all intents and purposes:

I5 4600K
8Gig DDR3
GTX 1070

The issue has been bugged by T10, it has been answered in another thread, look at thread :