VFD Season 5 Round 6 Winner Taunt Squash

Section: VFD Season 5 Round 6 Section - YouTube
Rulebook: VFD Rulebook
Sign Up link: Just sign up here on the forums
Thursday- 12:00pm-5pm eastern time. UK,France,AUS are allowed to qualify. If drifters from U.S can not make Friday sessions. They are allowed to qualify Thursday.
Friday- Early sessions-12:00pm-5pm eastern time. Official qualifying times: 5pm-10pm eastern time. Everyone is allowed to qualify.
Saturday Practice Sessions:
Session 1- 1:00pm-1:15pm Eastern Time
Session 2- 1:15pm-1:30pm Eastern Time
Session 3- 1:30pm-1:45pm Eastern Time
Session 4- 1:45pm-2:00pm Eastern Time
Roll Call: Roll call of names in top 32 will be announced at 2:00pm-2:30pm Eastern Time.
Lobby Setup: 2:30pm-3:00pm Eastern Time
Battles: 3:00pm Eastern Time
Points Standing: http://www.virtualformuladrift.com/#!2014-standings/c16tx

Qualifying Result
1.D1SL Fou-96
2.TGF Louie-94
5.Taunt Squash-92
6.TGF Killacali-92
8.JSI Daniel-87
9.HKS Slider-86
10.Plushy Jr-86
11.DMA Wanted-86
12.DMA Hoonigan-85
13.HKS Mr Bucket-83
14.DTE Latino-82
15.Lil Sosa-79
16.Forever Bacon-69

Should be doing the last qualifying session available due to Australian timezones

P.S. TNT MAVERICKS is now HKS Mr Bucket

Car: 2010 Nissan 370z


Tire Width: 295

Hp/Tq: 796/680

I don’t know whether it is in effect or not but I would think that the provisional license has to be acquired before you are allowed to compete. But considering there is only two races left in the season, just take it up with The Daiguren to see if you need it or not

Ok, I’ll ask. Thanks for the info.

Gamertag: xMINING MODEx21
Car: 2012 chevy Camaro zl1
Weight: 3,195
Tire: 315mm
Hp/torque: 713hp & 677lb-ft


Top 10 Points Standings:

1.DMA Wanted-536
2.D1SL Fou-484
3.The RealBigPete-453
4.DTE Latino-400
5.TNT Maverick-370
6.DVN Rauzey-290
7.HKS Slider-270
9.DSI Rabbit-238
10.DVN Reddo-227

Championship Contenders with only 1 round left.
DMA Wanted
D1SL Fou
The RealBigPete

Top 5 Contenders:

1.DMA Wanted-536
2.D1SL Fou-484
3.The RealBigPete-453
4.DTE Latino-400
5.TNT Maverick-370
6.DVN Rauzey-290
7.HKS Slider-270

Rookie of the Year top 5
DSI Rabbit-238
DVN Reddo-227
DVN Awesome-225
Sneaker Feens-193

Triple Crown top 5. Rounds 2,5,and 7 will count
1.DMA Wanted-216
2.D1SL Fou-168
3.TNT Maverick-146
4.The RealBigPete-128
5.Bob Studley-122

Top 5 End of the season Money Payouts:
1st= $100
2nd= $50
3rd= $25
4th= $15
5th= $10

Championship indications. This without qualifying points. Qualifying will play a huge factor for round 7
DMA Wanted
-Places top 16 and Qualify 4th or higher
-Both Pete and Fou fail to qualify

D1SL Fou-
-Win event and qualify 12th or higher. Wanted would have to finish outside of the top 16
-Place 2nd and Qualify 8th or higher. Wanted would have to finish in the top 32

  • If Wanted fails to qualify. Fou would have to finish in the top 16

The RealBigPete
-Wanted would have to fail to qualify
-Fou would have to finish 4th or lower and qualify 25th or worse

VFD Awards is coming after round 7