VFD 2015/2016 Official HQ Standings/ Results Updated

This is the official Virtual Formula Drift 2015/2016 championship thread. Everything you need know about VFD can be found in the links below. Virtual Formula Drift rule book, vehicle ban list, and schedule can be found in the next post. Glad to be back organizing comps on Forza and like to wish you guys the best.

VFD Official Website

Youtube Channel

VFD Facebook Page


VFD Twitter

VFD Instagram

Other Pages



Virtual Formula Drift Information Post

[VFD 2016 Rulebook

](http://virtualformuladrift.wix.com/vfd1#!rulebook/c177o)VFD 2016 Vehicle Ban List

Virtual Formula Drift 2015/2016 Full Track List:
Pro 1:

Pro 2:

How to be in the VFD Pro 1 Series:
Drivers have to place in the top 40 in the pro 2 series in order to be eligible for the pro 2 series.

Search VFD in the storefront to find the banner.

How to find the VFD Nameplate

  1. Go to customize tab on Forza menu
  2. Click create vinyl
  3. Click new layer and select apply a vinyl shape
  4. Hit select button and scroll down to creator. Type OG Draco.
    Nameplate should be available to download.

Feel free to post any question. We would like to have feedback from the community.

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You got a little typo.

I’m assuming it is “to be eligible for the pro 1 series”.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I lack the skill to compete, gonna be watching very closely to learn a thing or two (or ten).

What glitch on Road Atlanta? I’ve just gotten Live Gold again yesterday so I’ve been out of the loop.

Thanks, I will correct that. Road Atlanta has a dip glitch around the loop.

Pro 1 Standings

2016 Pro 1 Results
Pro 1 Round 1

Pro 1 Round 2

Pro 1 Round 3

Pro 1 Round 4

Pro 1 Round 5

2015 Pro 2 Results
Pro 2 Round 1

Pro 2 Round 2

Pro 2 Round 3

Pro 2 Round 4

2016 Pro 2 Standings

2016 Pro 2 Results
Pro 2 Round 1

Pro 2 Round 2

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The time has come, be sure and get signed up. Its going to be great.


Rule book is in the 2nd post

Thanks, site being wired again.

Nice, this looks very well organized, I was looking forward to a drift series like this for awhile now, sadly qualification and tendem battles starting at 3pm Eastern is a little too early for most of us on the East coast that are working full time jobs and I wont be able to compete…

Hope all racers have a good year and please let us know if the time ever gets pushed a few hours so we have more flexibility on the East coast.

Yep, I’m 5/6 hours behind depending on DST.
Working mon/fri and only off on weekends.

I’m down for this. :slight_smile:
Won’t have a wheel until Oct 9th at the earliest so I might miss round 1 though. :frowning:

First round is on the 15-17 of October

Read it wrong, my bad lol.
Yeah I’ll be there :slight_smile:
Will there be a livestream?

Yeah, I got better equipment to livestream. Spitsy will be as well.

Yes there will be with live action replays its goibg to be a good year for VFD media

So we have to place in Pro 2 to advance to Pro 1? So noobs here will be Pro 2 essentially until they rank up? Also is who could i message about qualifying? Im eastern US and want to qualify and compete but id have to qualify thursday in order to get a different shift to compete saturday. I also see theres two cars you sign up, but i can just register one correct?

Everyone including past pros will have to earn a Pro 1 spot. The pro list got reset because it’s a new game and new physics. You can message Initial Dai or TGF Killacali for qualifying. Yes, you can sign just 1 car up if you would like. Thursday is a good to qualifying if you can not make it Friday

Any chances for some of us to qualify today or Thursday and Friday after 5pm if one of you guys are available? I basically work until 5pm on both days and I’m sure I aint the only one, let me know if that is possible. You can message me on Xbox III CARON III.

First Round date is October 15-17. Keep up to date at the Virtual Formula Drift Facebook page