Version Release Notes

Version Release Notes

Here are the release notes for today’s update for Forza Motorsport 6: Apex:

• We have added a selection of curated community liveries to Apex. Players can select from these liveries from the Paint Car option in the game.
• Players now have the option to unlock framerate when Dynamic Optimization is set to Custom
• Players can now disable MSAA and Anisotropic Filtering when Dynamic Optimization is set to Custom
• Saved photos can now be shared through Driver Record > Forza Gallery
• We have addressed issue with cars not unlocking until you reload the car list
• Fixed issue where players would need to reload Career Tours to unlock Spotlight Events if they finished the career on an earlier play through
• Fixed issue where pins in the ‘Raptor Strike’ Career Tour event do not properly reset if a players uses rewind
• Fixed a case where some users are experiencing an ‘infinite’ loading screen when launching events
• Additional bug fixes

[EDIT: Corrected version number]

And the freezing\stuttering problem? game still unplayable after 2 or 3 races!


not as bad as previous versions but still stutter comes up a few race later.

Nice,will check out the liveries.As for the comment above being unplayable after a couple of races,this must be only effecting certain pc specs because I don’t get any problems.

Keep up the good work chaps.

It appears that the game won’t unlock the framerate if I have my secondary 60Hz monitor connected. If I disconnect the secondary 60Hz monitor the framerate unlocks. (1x 1440p 144hz G-Sync monitor, 1x 1440p 60Hz monitor).

That’s quite annoying, it, I hope it’s not a UWP limitation.

Full specs:

i7 4770K @ 4.5Ghz
GTX 980 Ti @ 1470Mhz boost
Windows 10 build 10586

More content please :cry:

A lot better now I can turn off aliasing but the framerate still stays locked at 60 fps :frowning:

I can also attest that I am getting the stuttering still too. I also will note I’ve seen a few videos on Youtube, and quite a few of them also show the stuttering, so I don’t think it’s isolated, but there are a few of us that are more sensitive to it.

Please add the 21:9 support, please Turn10 make it happen.

The latest patch broke MSAA setting. Doesn’t matter what I select it keeps using 2xMSAA (4xMSAA if I use dynamic setting).

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He broke all custom settings (work only dynamic setting.

Does it work on Intel Iris Pro now? I tried about a week ago with my Retina MacBook Pro 15’’ but it threw up errors. I could proceed with PgUp but it would eventually crash anyway on the Ford GT screen. Of course I was running latest Intel drivers “ready for Forza Apex”.

performance better than previous versions but still 2-3 races after stuttering a bit. I hope they solve that stutter issue as soos as possible.

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after update,dont start game. title loading,CTD.
fortunelly start,but CTD sometime.
Please fix.

Corei5 3330S
GPU CTX670 4GB latest driver

Any news regarding Wheel support?

With the Forza Horizon 3 announcement, we need to start practicing.

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game now crashes to desktop on first loading screen

MY game crashs on loading screen now and my specs is real good.
I got a intel i7-4790k, gtax 980, and 16 gb of ram.

This is a popular bug that numerous people have reported (try searching)

A work around that worked for me is opening Forza Hub first and keep that running. Then launch Forza Apex and it should let you past the blue Ford GT screen.

Didn’t help, still crashing. :frowning:

What Windows version will need to unlock framerates? There when i go video options shows than i need latests Windows version to unlock framerates. I’m in the stable/standard version.