Venturi 400 GT 1994-1997

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Venturi 400 GT 1994-1997

Look at the Venturi 400 GT and you can’t not see the Ferrari F40. There are more similarities, like the engine: both use a twin-turbo under 3-liter V-format engine, (V8 in the F40, V6 in the Venturi) and both were raced. However, the Venturi is much rarer, with only around 100 examples built, of which only 15 were the road version. The engine is a bit less special, too, based on the PRV V6 instead of a Group B racing engine, and makes less power at 408 PS. There was a one-make series based around the 400 GT, akin to the Porsche Carrera Cup or Ferrari’s XX program.


Any car that was in a Sega arcade game is an instant upvote from me!
(The game in question is Sega Super GT/Scud Race)


Venturi 400 GT