Lamborghini 400 GT 1966-1968

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Lamborghini 400 GT 1966-1968

Lamborghini 400 GT Monza (1966)

The evolution of the car that started Lamborghini, the 400 GT received a larger 3,9 liter version of the engine built by Giotto Bizzarrini and tuned for the new model by Gian Paolo Dallara. The new version developed 320 PS, still 45 less than Bizarrini’s initial concept, which Ferruccio Lamborghini deemed too powerful. The 350’s ZF 5-speed was replace by Lamborghini’s own design. There was also a one-off called 400 Monza, which featured sleeker Nembo bodywork. Rumors says the car was slated for racing at Le Mans, against Ferruccio’s no-racing policy, but never started the iconic race. In fact, no Lamborghini raced in Le Mans until 2006 (an Islero failed to qualify in 1975).


400 GT:

SPECIAL - Lamborghini Flying Star II Concept (based on the 400 GT):


1966 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2