Veloster N - Why is there no Sport or Race suspension?

The Veloster N has become a favorite of mine in B class, good handling car as is car…but, not quite perfect… So, the other day, I went to the upgrade shop to purchase race suspension, so I could fine tune some suspension settings… but, low and behold, there is only Rally suspension and Drift suspension - no Race suspension or Sport suspension is available. Is this on purpose, or did the developers forget to include race/sport suspension options?

It means that the car’s suspension is already “race style”, and you can set it as you want.
Go to Tunning, and you’ll see you can tweak it.


Right, I know about that, but taking a look at these screenshots, you’ll see that all suspension tuning options are locked, except anti-roll bars, due to there being race anti-roll bars available.

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You got me there…strange.
Sorry about that, I thought the suspension was already “tweakable”.

The Rally suspension should offer all of the same adjustments, over the same ranges, as the Race Suspension upgrade. It is only the default settings for each component that are “tuned” differently. It will be more work, but buy the Rally suspension, and drop the ride height and stiffen it up, you should be alright.

I have use this method from some cars where is not race suspension so i have installed drift suspension and tuned to fit better in racing.

Rally suspension has softer spring and damper ranges. It is not a replacement for race or race-equivalent-stock suspension.

It’s a bug. DB10 and one of the old 007 Astons don’t have it either.

Send them an email with pictures, maybe? Creating threads in the General forum is not gonna help much.

Send them an email? They can afford to pay someone to trawl the forums for bug reports. There’s barely any activity anyway. I’ve seen busier forums for games with less than 5% of FH4’s playerbase.

Kinda just shows how low effort the game is unfortunately

There are more than 450 cars in the game. Three of them have this bug (so far, there could be others, but who cares), and this makes the game “low effort”.

Three cars. Of four hundred fifty.

I kinda get it when they say people today are too pampered.


Hmm… The people of yesteryear also tested things before release though.

Some cars have horizon race compounds with the grip preset of sport tires. Some cars have offset at only one end of the car. At least in the Austin FX4 taxi, applying offset with the bodykit installed and uninstalling the bodykit leaves the effect of the offset even though it’s not an option without the widebody. Some widebodies give front aero tuning. Some don’t. Some include no front aero and don’t give an option to add front aero.