Vellicate's Replicas and Adaptations (updated 1/22/19)

Hello and thanks for stopping by. Decided to get back into painting after a long hiatus. I have some designs up and some in W.I.P. My W.I.P.'s will be at the top, if any are available. Comments and feedback are always welcome and enjoy!


Currently working on a HKS Evo X Prologue replica, hopefully have this done by the weekend.

Currently up

Koyama Racing Labo Evo X- Made this back in FM4 as a special edition of a Tuning AG release, only a couple were sold. decided to finally bring it to the modern Forzas. Enjoy.

Bulletproof GTR- Another flashback from the FM3 days. Design works best with the widebody. Also, I have adapted the design for the R32 and R33 LM (regular and F.E.)

Japanese Motorsport S15 (Orange)- The original paint that started my obession/addiction back in FM2. Available on the Formula D S14.5 and on the regular S15 for widebody or non.

Japanese Motorsport S15 (White)- An adaptation of the S14 design they ran for a while. Also, a remake of a FM3 design.

Japanese Motorsport S14- Remake of the above mentioned FM3 design. Available on the Formula D car and both variants of the S14.

More coming soon. I plan on finishing some designs I put on hold and maybe starting a few new. Time is hard to come by, so we will see. Thanks again for looking!



I remember Tuning AG from back in the day - very nice Evo X & GTR, wip’s looking good too :+1:t5:

Thanks! I miss the Tuning AG days but at the same time, I don’t have the time anymore to be a full time painter like I was. Kids and life make my free time precious. Thanks again for the compliment, working on a BRZ paint as well but not far enough along to post pictures yet, hopefully soon.