Lethal's replica showcase

Hi not really been around here much but played forza for years,i had a long break but i’m back.Here iwill show off my FM5 replica designs,hope you like :slight_smile:

Here is my nos energy 370z,was gonna do it on a 350z but it had no bodykits for some strange reason.

This is just something I found a pic of on google,not sure if its a real car lol

This is the side view of my monster energy fiesta,was hoping this would get me my achievments for earning money but no luck lol

front view of monster energy.

This is my Hiro Sumida falken tires lexus,did it on the lexus isf as I use that car often.

Nice Monster Paint, i like it good job

Sweet thanks mate,I only really did the monster to get some quick downloads for the achievements.was considering doing the Subaru version aswell.

well welcome back then

thanks man

These are some pretty good ones you got. Nice job here!

thx bud :wink:

Hello all I have a new paint shared for the Mazda rx8 just search my GT:LethalGangsta82 to find it,thanks

Looking good mate! Your RedBull logo is spot on. Great job, keep up the great work.

cheers mate im getting back into it a bit now,i hadn’t painted for a while and was feeling a little rusty lol