VANISHED Auction House Wins

In the last couple of months, I had WON approximately 320 BIDS on exclusive cars, many of them with a unique design.

Yesterday I noticed that most of my cars were gone :
Only 78 WON BIDS (and 3 lost bids) were left…
…so approx 242 new cars vanished from my Auction House bids !!

I hadn’t been able to resolve them yet, due to few time and a full garage, …but this is most definitely strange, …OR is there any kind of expiration date on your auctions that you’ve won ??

30 days.

Hate to say, “I told ya so” bud.

I’ve heard thirty days, but when I moved last year the box with FM4 accidentally went into storage instead of to our temporary living space. I had a bunch of cars that were not resolved in the AH. Five months later we move in and I find FM4 and there were still a bunch of unresolved cars in my AH. All of them? I honestly couldn’t remember. Few months back monkey had a big AH blast and I threw down a bunch of credits to buy several cars of his I always wanted. At that point my garage was full and I didn’t take the time to get rid of some cars and resolve monkey’s cars and a few others I bought a few days later. One day I log in to do so and only the cars I bought a few days later were still there. It had been right around thirty days.

Since when has AH had a 30 day limit?

As far as I know the credits are fine - it is just cars that are removed.

Was implemented in FM4 courtesy of the servers getting jammed up with people using the AH as a storage garage.

So would that 30-day expiration affect auctions that you’ve sold? As in, if I sold a car for 500,000CR and don’t resolve it, after 30-days the unclaimed CR from the auction will just disappear? I was always under the impression that it’d stay there indefinitely, and because of this you could have more than the 999,999,999CR limit.

In my experience - AH can work as a bank, not as garage space. Sold (CR) seems to stay indefinitely; bought cars do not (past ~30 days).

(why doesn’t “the T10 community team” ever answer these questions?!)

Because it has been answered multiple times before, going back at least three editions of the game.

There is NO limit on Auction House transactions, either redeeming purchased cars or finalizing the sales.

There IS a 30-day limit on Gifted items. If not claimed, a Gift goes back to the sender on the 31st day.

Thanks for clearing this up, AGAIN Snowowl.

A few months ago about ten cars disappeared from my won auctions section. It had been about a month (I wasn’t counting days so I don’t know specifically). Was that a random glitch then? I’m not being sarcastic or confrontational, it’s a serious question because I lost cars I bid tens of millions of credits on and would like to avoid another such incident in the future.

30 day limit was removed awhile ago. Best guess, maybe you stopped playing the game while some of yours were still on the countdown ?

I never heard of a 30 day limit on AH cars. Funny, I’ve got 100 + cars I bought off AH but never resolved, over 4 months ago (well over this “30 day limit”) that are still in my “My Bids” tab.

…have a link?

…to a FAQ or something?


If it’s clear, then what happened to my cars after around 30 days?

No idea.

Jan 26, 2012

Yup. Ran into this problem some 5 weeks ago.
My problem now is that I have 120+ cars in the BID section that I won, and they expire after 30 days apparently. Setting ridiculous prices for the cars in the auction house an then leaving them in the my auction section as expired will be a temporary solution. Of course, that’s assuming the servers come back online some time soon.

Just went into FM4 to buy a car in the AH and test this out for sure - and discovered that gift messages seems to not be expiring (had 6 weeks worth of Rewards credits to collect).

Have just bought a stock VW Fox in blue being sold by anthony hollet for 4,000 cr - will check back in 29 or so days and 31 or so days and see what happens.

EDIT: just checked and the car is still there, about 28 days, so will check later in the week.

So at 36 days (yes I have been really busy the last weeks or so), the car is now not to be found in my AH won bids section.