Valid Forza Horizon license (Games On Demand) failing at 79% *every time* [sent via MS Support]

Hi there,

Have a valid license for Forza Horizon (checked and troubleshooted by MS/Live Support) but every single attempted download (onto 360) fails at the 79% mark.
Passed on from MS Support / Live to seek assistance from you guys. [MS Support reference number: 1356157304]

All other GoD games on the same account (and other account) download and install fine.
There are no Xbox Live or connectivity issues. It is only Forza Horizon with the issue (at least 8 attempts and 60+ gigs so far! :wink: ).

Big thanks for any help to resolve it!

Any chance of a response from a Moderator?
This is a paid and valid license that’s seemingly failing at the install/verification stage.


I have the same problem, did you able to solve the problem ?