Error redownloading Forza Horizon

Hi there, everyone!

I’ve been trying to redownload Forza Horizon for the past few days. I had bought it a while ago and deleted it to make room for some games (I know, my mistake) and whenever I try to redownload it I get either “Device Full” messages or restarting downloads.

I have tried everything, from clearing system cache to redownloading gamertags, downloading to a different storage and even a license transfer, to no avail. I’ve actually been contacting Microsoft support for the past few days and they suggested I’d ask here if anything’s wrong on Turn 10’s end.

Is anyone having a similar issue? Am I the only one?

Guys, some help would be great… the issue still stands, and I’m getting the exact same feedback from MS Support…

Please help. I need some Horizon to tie me up until I can get an Xbox One.