V10 story - 3 stars walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs for 3-stars in V10 story.

All Chapters:

Chapter 1: FH5 V10 Story: Driving Frankie Beaumont (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 2: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 15 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 3: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 23 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 4: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 35A (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 5: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 35B (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 6: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 43 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 7: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 73 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 8: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 95 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 9: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 107 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 10: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 103 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 11: FH5 V10 Story: Scene 117 (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 12: FH5 V10 Story: Post Credit Scene (3 stars guide) - YouTube

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Remaining chapters of V10 story have been published.

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I have tried Chapter 6 about 50 times now. There is snow everywhere, so I’m not sure how this affects things, but I hit the jump at 203km/h and consistently only reach 356m. I’m so frustrated.


Stories are meant to be season locked… there shouldn’t be any snow. It will definitely affect things (very negatively in fact). That must be a bug, I’d recommend submitting a ticket and then leaving this chapter until next week when snow goes away.

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Yeah, there’s winter in stories. But snow seems to only in caldera, affecting stuff done around caldera. Furthermore the cars used in winter stories have their PI a bit less than in other seasons. Automatic snow tyres, perhaps? It seems that just changing the snow tyres decreases the PI about the same amount as it’s in the stories. For example in some V10 chapters the AM DB11 is A769 in winter, but A788 normally. Noticed the same in Born Fast, chapter 4. S1 882 vs S1 846.

Some events are just disgusting. Like that one scene 95? cant even remember. Driving a badly tuned jesko with no grip, no handling over a completely wet surface, through a track filled with corners, and you not only need to beat the time, but also your opponent… sometimes i think the devs make many events to eliminate the enjoyement, instead the opposite.

post credits chapter is still locked, despite me finishing every bloody race in the game and achieving HoF long ago, game breaking bug is here to stay with me, i opened the ticket but i got a feeling there is a fat chance of them fixing it without nuking my save

It’s in the list of known issues, so it’s going to be fixed, likely in the next update.

its 2024. just bought the game. they didnt fix anything. dont buy the game. dont buy forza 6.