Lucha De Carreteras Story - 3 stars video walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs (guides) for 3-star in Lucha De Carreteras story:

Chapter 1 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: Show Me (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 2 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: You Must Train (3 stars - works after update!) - YouTube
Chapter 3 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: First Bout (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 4 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: Qualification (3 stars guide) - YouTube
Chapter 5 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: Forzudo (huge shortcut has been patched, updated guide in description) - YouTube
Chapter 6 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: The Choice: The Master (3 stars guide) (Works with update, see description) - YouTube
Chapter 7 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: The Choice: The Rival (Updated guide in description) - YouTube
Chapter 8 - FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: Return of the Monster Ghost (3 stars guide) - YouTube

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Chapters 3 and 4 added

Chapters 5 and 6 added.

Have you got all the photo accolades from El Camino and the ‘shortcut’ ones from Lucha?

I’ve played them over and over to the point of utter frustration, so I’m not sure if they’re glitched (along with countless others) or I’m doing something wrong.


I didn’t do El Camino yet but in Lucha one of the shortcut accolades (from last chapter) is bugged for me. Other unlocked fine.

These are in the list of Known Issues so they’ll be fixed eventually. Just a bit of patience I guess.

Yeah, patiences, not really my thing lol
I’ll keep an eye on the thread to see if you get the Camino ones. Good luck with the channel :+1:

Well, I was recording El Camino tonight and yeah, one of the photo accolades is glitched, “the third statue…” from 8th chapter.


Lucha story is now complete!

3 Stars on each chapter ?

Yep. With detailed explanation how to do it :slight_smile:

The game update added “Return to Race Route” into multiple chapters of this story.

It invalidated the shortcut in chapter 2 making it A LOT harder.

The new guide is here: FH5 Lucha De Carreteras: You Must Train (3 stars - works after update!) - YouTube

Also, when using the shortcut in both Choice chapters (Master and Rival) - you’ll get “Return to Race Route” warning. As long as you lean closer to the stadium building - you’re still fine, just don’t veer off to the parking lot or your position will be reset.