Upload photos to message box?

Hi all.

I’m looking for help on how to make my uploaded Forza photos display in the message box. I was browsing through the Forzatography forum and everyone has a short introduction and all their photos displayed underneath. Any help on how to do this will be much appreciated. I’m useless when it comes to forums lol.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Try taking a look at this thread;

You have to basically re-size your desired image to the forum ‘Signature’ size limit - pretty sure it’s 480 by 115 pixels. You then have to host that image somewhere, Flickr/ TinyPic that sort of place. And then go on to the My settings section, look for signature and post the [ img] photo [/ img] link you get from that site, in to your signature section.


Thank you very much!!

No worries, glad to be of assistance. We were all new once.