**UPDATED** Valley View MotorSport Park

Hey guys, sorry for any inconveniences you may have had trying to play this map before, I’ve made some changes, removed the old track and reposted this track under the sharecode in the photo… thanks guys!


Looks nice!
Since it’s a race track, does it have visual aids before turns that help you assess when and where to brake? A good track requires no driving line.
A lot of players don’t use the driving/brake lines, and I believe that players that create tracks like this should always turn off the driving line when testing it and before publishing it, to see how well it drives without the driving aid line(s).

It’s a tandem track, not a race track. But yeah there’s trees on the map and on the first straight there’s lamp posts to use as references for transition

Oh, there’s no driving line, the only reason you see one in this picture is because I took the picture in the track editor so I was test driving the track which is also how you create your route. But when you load this up the driving line stops at the top of the road going down into the track. Cheers, hope you enjoy it!