Updated Competitive Cars List


Does anybody have an up to date doc or excel of the most competitive cars/tunes per class? I have my own and have found some on youtube and other forums, but I’ve noticed they are a bit dated OR are biased towards a particular tuner/group. I’m tired of using the same couple cars so want to try others, but not if they are not good enough. I’m a rank 4/5 driver in adventure so looking to kind shrink the gap between me and people rated higher than me.

Hi Mak.

Might be helpful if you post your list as a conversation starter? Others can then suggest other options/tunes. I’m not aware of a publicly shared comprehensive up to date list of best cars/tunes in all classes.

Hey man! :slight_smile:

This is the doc i use:

A lot of the tunes in this doc are from when the game first came out. Recently you recommended a tune to me for the Bubble Top that is more recent and drives much better. I’m just wanting to use different cars instead of always using Nova, Bubble top, x-class, etc

That list looks fairly comprehensive to me. A lot of the tunes listed are ones I think I use as well. It looks like it’s prepared by someone connected to the 1% guys, and they tend to have strong tunes which they update relatively regularly.

For A class, I know I use the same tunes for the Hula Girl and Nova FE. Breeminator’s tune is better than Grandma’s for the Daytona but slightly weaker than both the Hula Girl and Nova. That’s all I tend to use for road/street ranked as meta options. Anything else and you are probably sacrificing a bit of time to avoid the meta. I use GreetedDust8’s tune for the X Class but I’m not certain it’s better than the ones stated.

The only meta cars obviously missing from the list in my view are the Diablo GTR for S2 winter and the Pulsar for B dirt. Oh, and the Nomad for A dirt but note you are sacrificing the Freeroams to some degree using that.


Some cars are missing in the doc:

Shelby Monaco KC for S1 900 road.
Nissan Titan FE for S1 900 cross country.
Nissan Pulsar for B class dirt.