Update the Paintbooth

And as great as the decals are on FM6 & FH3 there are easily fixable flaws Turn 10 could update.
-Decals cannot be painted special colours only basic colours which is very sad, If I want to do a black gold pinup the car needs to be all gold then painted all black except for the gold areas, this is tedious and slashes a lOt of creative opportunity.
-The apply all left/right side option is defunct, they are not perfect, one side is always higher or lower than the other. This is strange as it is all computerized how could this error occur?
-Please let us tint headlights and rearlights different colours. (this would pave way to completely blacked out cars)
-Wheels, Please let us change the colours of the bolts. Also like the Lamborghini centenario or nascar let us add fonts or designs to the tire wall, as well as changing the colour instead of boring black wall.
-Windows, thus is a game after all so when we tint the windows why do only the sides change tint, not all windows, please correct this.
-Forza Vista, and at least for the cars with a see-able engine, could the future hold glass hoods? That would be immensely wondrous!
*Miscallenous , if the colour of the tire changes then so will the smoke of the burnt rubber.