Upcoming Racing Leagues

Hi Guys and Gals
Just getting feelers out already, me and a friend run an Online Racing League.
We currently run various race types on other racing games and will be looking at running Leagues for Forza 6 once it is released in September, we currently run all our stuff through the website
www.evolutionmotorsports.uk (updated site coming soon-ish). We welcome all levels of racers and run the site as a family friendly prespective as most the Admins are all family people, with this we understand that people can’t always make every race every week and we don’t hold that against anyone. Please feel free to look at what we are doing on the site, perhaps give us a like on Facebook (Evolution Motorsports) and drop us a line on there too if you want to ask anything.
I will also be Twitching Forza 6 on release day (I have the Ultimate Edition) for anyone who wants to have a peek at what is under the new games bonnet, follpw me and Xbox One at my Gamertag
Hope to see you all on the track

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