unfair ban forzamotorsport 7

Good morning, well you will see, I am a person who likes racing games, I am passionate about them. Well, I’ll tell you that I don’t know why several accounts have already been banned on my console and I never know the reasons why I’ve been banned, the truth is that I paid to be able to play from my PC, also thinking that to play forza I needed the gamepass To play it on PC, I scanned my computer for viruses with Windows 10 antivirus and malwarebytes but nothing was found. I did this in case I had something that could be hacking my accounts on my computer or console. The thing is that not even reaching collector level 6 in my second account do I find that I am expelled until the year 2042 and as much as I try to be able to speak with someone by force, every time I try to open a ticket or appeal this ban, all the replies as solved but in truth no one answers. I feel frustrated because I think someone must be pretending to be me and the first time this happened to me when I got home from work I found that I had a ban notice and I say and this why? The fact is that when I created the second account I didn’t even dare to use the microphone just to paint my cars, play my passion which is racing and a few days later I saw that my account was banned, and I don’t understand the reason, they say they are pushes and bumps and this is not true at all, it is more when you run and when you enter a curve it has happened to me that they have pushed me because maybe I am more of a novice and I brake a lot I do not know and they push me with great force but I continue playing so normal and still they tell me it’s me, but I think someone must be impersonating my identity when I’m not at home, I would like them to check my connections or someone from forza or microsoft to come in and see if I have something strange in my machines because I really don’t do anything they say so they have banned me, please, someone take the trouble to talk to me to solve it.

Thank you very much and best regards

Check ban history. It will tell you exactly why. Don’t try and block fast people if you are a novice. Stay out of their way.