Bans for no reason? / Better methods for banning and enforcing rules


A bit of a preface: I’ve been an avid Forza fan since 7 came out, I always try to race cleanly and am fairly good at the game.

Lately (in a span of two months) I’ve been banned twice, and I have absolutely no idea what I have done to get banned.

I’ve reached out to support at, but I’ve never gotten a response.

I’d like to know what the heck is going on? I keep getting banned and I have no idea why. I haven’t been ramming, cheating, or anything else.


I have 2 profiles on my xbox my wifes and my own…i have been banned from forza fair enough but my wife cant play because of the bann and she gets the kids involved too…her gamertag is BBR Millytig i think its unfair to ban her or not allow her and the kids to play can you guys help plz?

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Heard back from the safety team.

Apparently I got banned once for corner cutting and the second time for shoving.

Here’s the thing, though; I know that I haven’t purposefully done that. I consistently rank among the top players in multiplayer, know how to follow a racing line and I go out of my way to avoid others or abusing track limits. I asked for video, to see what I’ve done, but they wouldn’t provide it for privacy reasons.

Honestly, I’m scared to go back to playing this game when the ban ends. I’ve always tried to race as cleanly as possible, respecting other drivers, and I have done really well at the game. Most of the feedback I got from other drivers is very good.

It’s ridiculous that you can get banned anytime, for any reason, without any explanation, even when never purposefully breaking racing etiquette.


Same here and some other of my clean friends have been banned…
1 month banned for something you even don’t know. No videos, no screenshots, no context…
There is something (or someone) insane inside that game…


There has to be a better way to enforce rules than blind banning.

  1. Bans shouldn’t be instantaneous 1 month bans based on one event.
  2. There needs to be a warning system, and the person banned must know what they were banned for.
  3. The game itself needs a system to penalize for contact and track cutting. Bans are not a solution for something that is not enforced (or even mentioned) in game.

The current way of enforcing rules has tremendous potential for abuse, since a player can create situations that can be interpreted as the fault of another, and cause a ban to a player that hasn’t done wrong.


Ridiculous. FM7 is full of rammers. Case in point, the first corner of any race with more than 8 players.


Right hand turn, driver turning LEFT

So…yeah, just got banned for sticking onto someone who complained that I must have been dirty! …LOL, the image is a screenshot of the corner/offence in question, now I admit i lost the apex but there is plenty of room for 2 cars and he was squeezing me off the track as you can clearly see by his wheel pointing LEFT after the apex of a RIGHT hand turn. Sorry Forza, I can’t see myself forking out £90 again to get banned for someone elses irrational behaviour and your patheric attempt to enforce clean racing (which in irnoy is actually allowing dirty racers to have clean racers banned!)

Goodbye Forza, a long-time online racer I have been since FM4. NO MORE!

By looking at the recent forum posts, I guess I’m just another innocent casualty of misplaced punishment…


So your just going to show a screen shot where you have some weird way point? I assuming thats to show your true best line, looks you posted the evidence to your ban.

every corner someone wants you off the track so they can get ahead , and the corner cutters…omg its a joke


I got my first ever ban this week after playing FM7 online since it came out. I’m a clean racer & like everyone else I have no idea why I’ve been banned and I’m not getting ant response from support. It ruins the game and it’s a real shame

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Your not kidding, lobbies are a joke right now. They need to bring back the driver marshals so they can actually see whats going on instead of judging us on short biased clips and reports. I feel like the respectable drivers have been thrown to the wolves recently. I got a 20 year ban on my main account for getting into it with some rammers, waste of vip purchace. I still play on another account but I will never buy forza again.

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It’s a mess alright. These days fast and clean guys get booted. The problem is the huge difference in skill that can occur. Just now I did an a class hopper in… Not the best of cars doing 2:00.xx pace. In this lobby we’re guys that could not drive in a straight line, didn’t bother braking for corners, some guys figured they were hotlapping and did not respect each others place on track, in short, the average level was… Low. Now that’s OK, we all had to learn. But please… For next Fm… Make lobby’s skill based. Use rivals/lb times for that. At least you’re in a lobby with guys that roughly have the same pace. That eliminates a lot of misery. Frankly, only in that situation a ban would make sense. Today I sent a guy in a OP elise off track. Not on purpose but cause the guy was an absolute beginner. He was braking so early that I wasn’t prepared for that. Atm, that’s why faster guys get booted. Due to the lack of skill from others. That should change, simply because it’s a slap in the face of the loyal fanbase. Personally I’d like to see this implemented in forza 7. If it works it would restore my faith in forza and I’m pretty sure this goes for a lot of people. To be Frank, I am resilient when it comes to buying the new forza just for the reason I just mentioned. So, I really hope you guys at T10 will pick this up. I intend to be a forza fanboy for a whole lot longer :wink:

there’s bans being handed out left right and centre to the quicker players.
the Marshalls are volunteers who play the game.
it seems a click has appeared. I have been dealing with Battleman, he will give no evidence in regards to a ban when you submit a ticket.
i too race clean wherever possible, its a joke! I wont be purchasing any further forza franchise products and will be advising friends the same.
the experience has been ruined by jumped up moderators & gamers reporting over petty rubs or unavoidable track limit penalties.
some of the racers ive seen are atrocious. but not a threat as they are slow so dont seem to get banned.
also a heads up if you come across any gamer tag with Scorpion in it avoid, block this player and leave his lobby. he will usually run a gt40 will cut corners to win
and will report you for any minor infraction.

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