Unable To Play FH4 Online on Windows 10

Tried all the solutions I could find online but none of them ever worked. I have avaible internet connection. Xbox Live Services seems to work fine. My NAT Type is open however When I check my server connection it says blocked. After spamming fix button for 2 hours I was able to join a session but after 10 mins it disconnected and haven’t been able to join again.

Do you use a FritzBox?
Then you have to search your Xbox and anable “Exposed Host” there.
Also you have to go to internet → filter → disable teredo filter.
If there isn’t a this option, anable the extended view in the options in the right corner.

No I don’t use Fritzbox. Today after resetting my windows security wall settings to default, I was able to connect. Then somehow I lost connection and wasn’t able to connect back again. Tried same method again and again but couldn’t get it to work.