UK / European Racers - 10pm UK Time - Clean / mature / chilled out lobbies E / D / C / B Classes

We’re looking for people to race with any night of the week from 10pm UK time through till about midnght or aafter. You don’t have to be fast, or in the UK, just clean and have some sort of race courtesy. We usually run slower race spec cars, Clios / Capri’s / muscle cars and just chill out for a few hours everynight.
There are a few of us already racing in a lobby, but more would be great. We’ve been on Forza since Forza 2 so know how to run a few clean lobbies and we’ve also run many many race series through
There is also a high chance of running a once weekly league that we usually spread out over 6 or 8 weeks. If we can get the numbers we’ll look into this for sure.
Add me if you want to take part in a few friendly race nights during the week and meet some new people aswell.
Thanks for reading guys :slight_smile:

Just got Forza 6 and thought id try get a little beginners championship/racing club together. If you’re interested post below or drop me a message on Xbox Live GT: Adam T xx, already got 3 people interested!.

We’re from the UK so will be racing in out time zone!