Looking for players.

Hi all.

I’m part of a small team that has run from the glory days of Forza 2. Back when the lobbies were great and finding good racers was easy.

Because we are quickly left raging in public hoppers (usually turn 1) we want to start doing private lobbies. Nothing serious nor will we run championships because we can’t commit to specific days/times. We are usually able to get together most days for some races though.

We like to race global touring cars predominantly and an ideal scenario would be a decent group racing 30-40 minute (approx) races. We will have damage set to fuel and tyres and want to get a race length where a two or one stop strategies are both viable so this could change. We are uk based and therefore races we organise would be to GMT.

We oppose cutting, intentional ramming and poorly matched cars. We want good, close races and welcome like minded players. We accept that accidents happen but like to keep this to a minimum. We don’t mind players using braking line in our lobbies but do turn off STM and TCS as well as assited braking and steering.

We also welcome other teams to join us as we like to challenge ourselves in like for like equipment.

If you are interested please add me on Xbox One. Please also leave me a message too saying FM6 so I know.

Join our group too - PIT Racing


I normally race on a Friday night with 3 mates who will no doubt also sign up. Just joined AMR Paunchy in his Wed night league as the Soth African time zone means a 6pm UK start, you might want to check it out.

I will definitely drop in for a few races when I’m online. We should look into doing a club against club race. We are clean racers and have some good drivers. Just a good bunch off guys.

AMR Paunchy

Added you both. We are on most days and just getting bored of hoppers. Relatively quick just want clean races in similar cars.