UI - suspension telemetry has inaccurate value in hud

All the games (FM6, FM7, FH3, FH4, FH5, no other to test) use the value from the progressbar in the suspension telemtry hud to display the suspension travel. In FM it just shows the value without unit so it looks more “professional” and with range from 0-1 but in the end it’s the wrong value.

In FH it shows the value with units and converts wich makes it … idk range 0-100. Suspension travel = 100cm?

Normally u have it like this (range from -X to X) and it’s in the game (travel in meters)

It’s fine in the dataout but not in the hud. The hud even shows the 0 line but wrong number. Should be simple fix to use the other value but yeah…
Btw the german translation in FH is wrong too “Offset” doesn’t translate to “Einpresstiefe” use the text from FM