UI - in game text is missing for some players (3910178)

After today’s 16 GB update, all of the text on my game is missing, everywhere, also it forced a language change for some reason and didn’t respect my settings. I haven’t found a fix at all so far.

EDIT: Fixed by going into the game options, language, then changing it to any language, then back to English, game text works again.

I guided myself with this video: https://youtu.be/Y9uU6l051Aw

Also for the devs, next time make sure an update doesn’t change the language setting…

Can you confirm that the issue persists after closing the game and restarting your device?
Which platform are you playing on?

I have the same problem after latest update.
I have updated all my drivers, reinstalled Horizon. But the problem still remains…

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Same problem. Already reinstalled the game and rebooted my pc. Tomorrow new season with a lot of BMW that i want to get. But all i have is just empty button boxes(((

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@Dmz1980 please report the platform you’re playing on, and which localization.

Im having the same issue. No text (with some exceptions), both voice and text language was changed to my native language.
-I Play in PC/Windows (rtx 3060/AMD Ryzen 5 5600H)
-tried fixing from xbox app, doesnt work
-tried restarting my laptop
-tried reinstalling the game
-tried changing language (by having a friend guiding my blind steps with his game)
nothing works so far


I have the same issue, I have a RX 7900 XT and Ryzen 9 7900x. Tried, reinstalling the game, rebooting the PC, updating drivers, everything, and the problem persist.

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Okay, switching to any language actually fixes the issue, I said no in a previous comment but i forgot to restart the game.
just switch language from inside the game, restart the game, then switch your language again.


I change language then pressed on same language again and pressed reboot game button(yes i guess). And it works for me.

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I changed the language but still didnt work for me. Its so weird.


Same issue Here Reinstalling Hasnt fixed it, ive tried reinstalling the Xbox launcher to no prevail. When Trying to change the language, the language would not change and after trying to change it multiple times the game crashed. As a question for other, are you using the Windows Insider Program, thats the only thing i can think of, that could maybe cause this. Hope we a solution

Same issue, I already reinstalled the game, rebooted my pc, updated Nvidia Drivers, Changes language, run the app in compatibility Mode, nothing seems to work.

Im playing on Windows 10, i9 9900K and a 4080. Had the game in Spanish, im from Colombia.

I already resolve my issue switching the language, the colombian guy, please DM and I help you.

well i did everything and still cant get the text even tho i changed the language first time donwloading it too