UI - Epitaph Records station missing - 3890684

The radiostation is not there on the radio-list. Please fix or tell your community how to unlock it.

Further in general its a big shame there was no proper rock/metal/punk channel. In the second half of Horizon 3, we also had Epitaph and in 4 Horizon XS it was good too.

But it was a big shame that in 5 on Horizon XS they also put in non alternative, Top 40 hitparades correct stuff.

It is not where other person say it is. Yes I have used D-Pad right to scroll through all of them. After Mixtape comes Radio Off.


No one of the devs that can acknowledge this, it is still missing for me.

Where to find it?

Keep pressing right on the D-pad to change stations. Should be the last station before Radio Off. Or just play in the Rally DLC. The game kept changing it to that station.

It isn’t there, it goes from the Mixtape straight to Off. In both main game and rally dlc free-roam. Not everybody is a morron that not know how to chance radio in the game.

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Then based on what other people that have had problems have posted, try shutting down your Xbox and unplug it for about 15 minutes or so to ensure it’s fully shut down. Then plug it back in and see if it’s there. That’s fixed issues with various games over the years.

I play it over the cloud from my Chromebook and further Playground Games is well known for releasing buggy things

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Nothing? No one who know why it not appears for me?

Had Epitaph in the DLC last weekend, it wasn’t there on the main map tonight

Epitaph Records Radio (apparently available to all players) doesn’t appear for me

I’m a Cloud Gaming player, and I can’t access the new radio, even though I have access to the new features of the update (AntiLag & Launch Control) and the Drone Show for the DLC (I don’t have it)

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Also a Cloud gaming player, dont have Epitaph either, might be a Licensing issue due to the streaming.

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That’s an interesting thought, as I was remotely connected to my XBox (and, technically, streaming) when it didn’t show up

Would be the first time that would be, all Forza Horizon 4 and all other Forza Horizon 5 radiostations work over cloud. But not rule it out, as long as Playground Games doesn’t explain whats going on.

I have this issue too.

Before the Rally expansion launch, I had Epitaph station. Rally expansion launch and it disappeared completely. I have deleted and reinstalled. I have just been away for a week with power to xbox turned off. Turned it back on today, deleted and reinstalled, still not here.

Very strange.

@br34thedyn4m1te and anyone else voting on this topic - we need more info - please indicate which platform you’re playing on.

Anyone ever get a fix for this? I play on my PC and Xbox. On PC - Epitaph works just fine, no issues (during the few times I can get the game to actually load since the RA update). On Xbox, it’s like the radio station doesn’t exist.

Taken a while, but I’ve got round to testing this again, and it’s consistent
XBox Series X
Playing on the console, Epitaph Records is present
Playing remotely from the XBox app on WIndows, Epitaph Records is NOT present

Remote play also causes the Spotify app to refuse to start with a message saying it’s not available because I’m streaming

Today Forza Support tweeted acknowledgement that the station is missing from remote and Cloud play. Moving this topic from Report New Issues to Known Issues.

Really? Several clearly already stated: Cloud Gaming.

But nice we have finally some info about it.