UI - Driver level reset to level 1 , Displays as level 1 (1656239)

I lose my level (one hundred and more) after the update today…

I’ve had the same issue. Car levels seem to still be there, just driver level reset.

  • Previous level - No idea tbh
  • New level - 4 (not frozen, does increase)
  • Seems to be the same in all modes
  • Xbox Series X
  • Not previously affected by driver display issues
  • First spotted post the new update after test driving at Yas Marina GP

Me too

Same. It showed correct when I first launched the game. After a test drive at new track, it’s showing driver level 1.


It happened to me too.

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Same here. Was level 160ish and now I’m level 4 :confused:

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The problem seems to be solved. My level is the same as before.

Loaded up a test drive on Yas Marina and same thing happened. Went into multiplayer and leveled up to 3 and tried to replicate the issue after seeing this. Sure enough doing another test drive at Yas reset again to driver level 1.


Yeah same here I had 100ish driver level, and all of a sudden back to driver level 2. I wonder what happened to the 200ish fixes and, improvements they say they would give us. 9 some gb update seems little to me. “Build from the ground up” is like a slap in the face.


Yep, was almost level 1,000, gone. But they made sure to fix nothing, and remove the ability to level cars without grinding. This game is a joke.


Level 843 - PC

Yas Marina set the Drive Level back to 1 every Single time. Restart can´t solve this Problem :man_facepalming:

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Same here. Ran the cruddy looking track, and lose all my progress. This game is such a failure.

EDIT: Came to add that my level was 104, and dropped to 1 after driving on Yas Marina, the same as just about everyone else here.

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Me too, i loose my 15x level :frowning:

After restarting the game for the second time my driver level was restored. Then I did another test drive on Yas Marina and it’s gone again.

It’s worth noting that despite being down to level 1, seemingly more XP is needed to level up than at the beginning of the game. So it’s probably just an issue with displayed numbers (similar to this one, just the other way round).

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I’ve been playing since early access. I was driver lvl 350 something and this morning I’m back at 1. I raced yas marina last night but my driver lvl was fine this morning up until I ran a multiplayer race. Please fix this, I want my lvls back.


So I was level 900+ a couple of days ago. Yesterday I was level 35 but I noticed there was a 1 with a star above it next to the driver level, I’m assuming I went over 1000 so now it resets with the 1 and star. It was a bit weird because on some screens the 1 and star would appear on some it didn’t. After the update last night it was the same.
I just did an online race and when the race finished I’m on level 2 - no 1 or star next to it so it means I’ve been reset.

I’m losing it with this game now honestly.

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Same here! Was nearly level 200 and today I’ve done a test drive on yas marina to see how it was, it’s still a garbage race track would of much rather had road atlanta or Nurburgring back, but yea I’m now back to level. I payed £90ish for this game for VIP and early access and it’s been nothing but trash and boredom from the beginning and now I have to start again :rage:

in the last couple days i lost my level progress not that it affects the workings of the game but i went from 295 back to 1 and no prestige badge.

You have lowered my player level. I had a level above 250 and it shows level 4. I restart the game and I still have level 4.

Same problem for me. I had level 29X and now level 1. No problem before the second update.