TX Wheel lag in middle of races

I have look on here and not found this exact issue. Has anyone else with their TX wheel all of a sudden in a long race had the buttons stop working and then start again. This has happened several times to me usually during endurance races I create. I will go to either up shift or down shift while using A for clutch and nothing will happen usually causing me to go off course while braking. This will really make you made if your running the best lap time you have and then this happens in the last corner. Anyone else with this issue?

Often while doing rival races, particularly Town Square(Center?) Circuit, my gas pedal will cut off. Never experienced this elsewhere as of yet.

Hi all has anybody else had any problems on Forza 5 with a Thrusmaster TX wheel, the following explanation shows what has been happening.

I have a Thrustmaster TX force feedback wheel that I have had for around 4 months, this has been an outstanding wheel up until the last 6 weeks or so. I am getting problems playing Forza 5 with the wheel and was told to contact Turn 10 by Thrustmaster support.

Okay what happens is that while racing or driving in any way shape or form, the wheel reverts back into the pause menu screen all of its own accord, also the car view changes itself, and it changes down gears itself, this is almost always happening in races where I either crash or quickly press the back button to continue.

I have used a game pad and this does not occur with this, I have also used the wheel on Forza Horizon and Project cars, there has been no problem on either of these, it is only on Forza 5, this is now becoming increasingly frustrating.
Thrustmaster support have said that filters are used on certain games,

The wheel functions are working as they should via the Thrustmaster control panel and software.

Any ideas anybody


My suggestion was dropped from the thread when your thread was merged in here - were you able to resolve your issue?