Two genuine questions


So, I was wondering if anyone could help with two issues I’m having…

Firstly, is there any way at all to get ring of the “1” notification on Festival Playlist? It’s been a problem since day one.

Also, is there any quick way to see which cars you have multiples of to make it easier when gifting cars?


  1. You just need to claim the reward since the 1 indicates that.
  2. No, you can’t sort it for duplicates. You need to remove everything first and than sort by recently added to see all the latest duplicates. If you remember them.

I’ve claimed everything there is to claim though?

Scroll through all the seasons to the beginning you probably missed one.

If you restarted the game and the one is still there, than you have a rare bug that won’t get enough attention. I’m just being realistic. It could also get patched.
Or maybe someone else has a solution.

Yeah, it’s not rare and it was in fh4 as well. Although they eventually fixed it in the last game.

I’ve had a look on the internet and it seems there are a couple of similar complaints but not loads. Sigh. Just want the thing I paid money for to work properly.

Welcome to the club. The player community has been asking for a duplicate car filter for years. We have to assume the devs don’t care.

Yes, at this point it’s pretty clear that they don’t care at all. This game has countless issues that could be fixed within hours and nothing ever happens. After they released the game in November they went straight to vacation and never came back. Meanwhile they can’t stop laughing at more than 15 million players throwing their money at them.


And yet, wait for FH6, and you will see that people dont want to learn. They will have again more than 15 million players throwing money again. Its the same story that has been happening this entire past decade on the videogaming industry and the main reason videogames these days are as bad as they get most of them.

This is so true and so sad :frowning: FH5 could be a truly great game, but when You hit 5 or 6 bugs in one session … And dev’s seem to don’t care - when was last update???

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In terms of #2 best advice I can give is sort cars based on value then check for duplicates starting from your most expensive cars to least. That way you can sell your most expensive duplicates and ignore your least expensive duplicates as they will be never ending.

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This is actually a pretty good method to overcome the lack of relevant filters, will try out when I get on next.

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The 1 is a known issue they have acknowledged. Most pre-release players will have it. No post release players will experience it. There is nothing you can do and you haven’t missed a car.

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Ah ace, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: