Tushek TS 900 H Apex 2019-current

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What a car !
Another day, another 236mph hypercar: the TS 900 H APEX | Top Gear


0-60mph : 2,5sec


TS 900 RacerPro – a track-only version limited to 12 examples, with a power to weight ratio of 1.13:1.


This bullet was built with only one goal in mind, be the ultimate hybrid hypercar. The TS 900 Apex also known as the gentleman’s racer is one of very few cars to achieve the golden 1:1 power to weight ratio in theory making it classified as a mega car.

As of its unveiling it was the lightest hypercar money could buy at a dry weight of 1343 kilograms. This 1351hp monster can do 0-100kph in 2.3s, 0-200 in 7.4, has a top speed of 380kph and has a maximum torque output of 1680nm

Tushek for this car specially developed a new form of hybrid technology that they call Tushek Direct Electric Drive (TDED). This system is quoted as the worlds highest power density drivetrain. The car utilizes two axil flux motors mounted directly next to each other and connect directly to the wheel without any transmission. Tushek claims higher performance from this due to less mechanical loss.


^Tushek Aeon H^

These don’t have their own thing yet, so I just posted it on here in the meantime— they’re pretty cool.

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^Tushek Aeon E^

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