Turn 10 please sort out this annoying bug!....

Dear Mr and Mrs Forza

Twice in the last couple of days I’ve had this problem and it would be nice if you could sort it out.
I’ll beat a rival’s time and quit out of the race only to find that the time hasn’t registered and I’m still beneath the rival I’ve beaten with my old time.
And before you say it… No I didn’t rewind back across the finish line causing the lap to dirty!

This should be 9:17

And this should be 3:33

It’s soul destroying to be ripped off after putting in the hard work, especially on these longer tracks like nurby+gp and Le Sarth.
No doubt this post will fall on deaf ears as you’ve already taken my money but I live in hope.

Yours sincerely
Disgruntled of Bristol

It could be that the servers went down in the middle of your race. I’ve had this same issue once.

Yeah that did occur to me for a brief moment, then I just got on with being annoyed again.


hidden brag post?