Turbo blow off valve

The turbo flutter sound is broken, it gets kinda annoying after awhile hearing the car go stututu even from just revving it under 1,000 RPM. After each up shift and down shift, or even switching gears from a stand still. Please fix so the turbo doesn’t do a full spool just by slightly tapping RT. Thanks.

A blow off valve and flutter are two very different things but both are affected by pressure and air flow rather than outright rpm. I can’t say I’ve noticed anything odd or annoying but then I’ve far from driven everything.

Absolutely i agree 1000%. Needs to be fixed asap!

I too have been noticing some strange noises around turbos… and have been hearing what sounds like the blow-off valve constantly pishing at me any time I breath on my gas pedal.

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Absolutely agree! I seriously doubt they have actually sampled real automotive sounds for this game. If I know the sound you’re talking about, to me it sounds more like a loose fan belt or a water pump/alternater bearing that’s shot. Probably one of the most annoying sounds in the game.

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