Tuning setup for all needs!

Hy guys, after a lot of study I have made my strategy for tuning setup and it is very good. My gamertag is ganjaman1979, search and try out my setup on Forza 6 and tell me what you think about. I usually make for every car four kinds of setup

One with the name of the class of the car, for example A700 or B600, is made for max velocity for that car in that class

The other are named with the class of the car and a letter at the end: for example A700L, A700M or B600S

The letter at the end means that this specific setup is the best for one car in a specific class for a specific type of track




So for example for ALFA ROMEO 4C you will find four setup named A700 A700L A700M and A700S

A700 is the best for max velocity

A700L is the best for long track

A700M is the best for medium track

A700S is the best for short track.

I try to play as often as possible and I’ll do my best to do the largest possible number of setup.

If someone would like to have a setup for a specific car I’ll try to do the best!

Have a good race!

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