Tuning locked?

I have finally started to mess around and experimenting with trying to learn to tune. But some of the options are locked while others are available? What needs to be done to unlock all options?

If you are on XBox One, you need Race Springs, Race Brakes, Race Transmission, Race Differential, Adjustable front bumper, wing.

To unlock certain components you need to purchase and install the corresponding upgrades. From the beginning, you can mess only with tire pressure.

Front Bumper Wing = Front Aero
Rear Wing = Rear Aero
Race Brakes = Brake Pressure
Differentials = 1 - way, 2 - way adjustability depending on which one you use
Race Springs = Alignment, Damping, Springs, Ride Height
Race Front Anti Roll Bars = ←
Race Rear Anti Roll Bars = ←
Race Transmission = Gearing