Tuned by EVILHOMER40. C class Acura Integra, B class Civic Mugen CR-X

Hi guys,
2 new tunes to tell you about!

C class Acura Integra

Great hot lap and lobby tune for loads of different circuits, really stable with great turn-in and speed through the corners. This tune helped me achieve my first ever top 100 leaderboard since i started playing Forza in FM3!

Indianapolis GP 1:35.880 88th (1:35.251 41st driven by PIT EXTON)

Spa 2:41.483 89th

B class Honda Civic CR-X Mugen

Front wheel drive tune with the 2.0 litre VTEC engine conversion installed. Tuned for Spa but very versatile. Great grip and easy to drive, hot lap and lobby tune that works well on loads of circuits.

Spa 2:36.708 198th

Thanks for trying these tunes and any feedback will be appreciated!



thanks for the CRX tune. I have just switched from FM4 to FM5. Nice tune I am doing 2:40ies at the moment. My biggest problem is that braking without ABS feels a lot of different than in FM4. I hope to get used to it soon. Keep up the good work in Class B and keep the tunes coming!

Sorry, how can I take advantage of this one?

Many thanks!