tune setups

I cant import any tune setups from previous games… same for design… there is nothing on the list to import ???

Do i have to do something with my previous games ?

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Great community here

probably because they do not know the answer

I do not know the answer either, would you prefer 47 posts identical to this or one right answer?

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For the record I also do not know the answer. HLR Toffo, greatest answer EVER!!!


I was also getting the same message. I just retuned.

The liveries is detailed in other threads, and appears to be tied to the lowercase a from the Forza font.

Now to try to answer your question. I think I had maybe 5 tunes in all of Forza 5 that were actually something and deleted the rest before yesterday’s release. All th rest were ones I got from downloading someone else’s tune. I don’t think those count as you did not make it. I have 3 of mine that I was able to bring over and have not tried the others yet. So far I have found that they have adjusted the PI and the Physics enough to make your old tunes not nearly as good. You are better off either Downloading Forza 6 tunes or starting over making your own tune For Forza6 if that’s your thing. Also next time lighten up on a community that was trying to be polite to you and not spam you 40 plus responses all telling you no and their reason for not knowing.

For tunes, did you buy the car, go to your tunes and then press RB twice to get to your FM5 tunes for that car?