Importing Tunes from FM5

I get a crash to dash every time I try to synch tunes from FM5. Have tried numerous times with different cars, always with the same result. Is this standard fare?

Not in my experience, I was able to bring across the few I had unlocked no problem. The PI differed between 5 & 6 but the tunes themselves didn’t cause me any issues.

Happened once with a Chevelle tune.

This is the only tune I had problems transferring over. Crashes every time

I wouldn’t bother all of my A class tunes I imported from FM5 are 750"ish in FM6.

Sounds like I’m special. I don’t even get a list of tunes to choose from before it explodes. I might try going back to FM5 and checking my save hasn’t been corrupted somehow.

They seem to have rehashed (made a hash of) the physics in FM6 so I assume this is why there are so many problems with transferring tunes from FM5.