Traffic and some other stuff

Hello there,i would love to see some improvements on the traffic,making it more realistic,cars on the fast lane to move to the right lane,like it happens IRL so you can gun it instead of doing slalom through them.Most of the time they signal showing the intention of moving out of the way,but they don’t . Another thing would be,if instead of adding new cars,why don’t we get some of the cars we have updated to their newer models, GOLF 7 R to GOLF 8 R , A45 to A45s,Porsche Turbo S 2014 to 2020 and the list goes on. The game also lacks the DCT transmission,i can notice a pause in between shifts on many cars that are supposed to have an unintrerrupted climb in speed while changing gears.Many cars that are more well known for having DCT transmission,instead they come with manual. GOLF R should be DSG and many other. I think more investment should be put on making the cars we have better instead of adding new ones to the sheet pile.