hey my name is josh.
Been a forza player since forza 2.
You guys at turn 10 do an awesome job on the ONE version.
SUMO did an okay job.
i bought forza horizons 2 as a digital download and i was wondering if you guys could HINT to Microsoft about trading up to the ONE version of the game.
That would be awesome.
im enjoying the game, two days in, but the game feeeeeeeeels just like the first horizons. not a new experience, i was hoping for something new.
i feel a minor disappointed in the 360 verison of the game.
off roading through fields is great, right up untill you hit on of those unbreakable fences, littered everywhere!!
After posting this, i encountered a radio station problem, wouldnt play audio tracks at all. switch radio stations, nothing.
I will be getting an XBOX ONE SOON!
problem solved!

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