Traction-control system not functional at low speeds when you need it most

Was playing around with different Assists and Difficulty settings in the demo today and noticed something unrealistic (and I’ve noticed it in all Horizon games) traction control is only functional above 25 mph or so. For example: put the pedal to the floor in the Senna with TC on, and all you’ll get is massive wheelspin for the first 25 mph. After that, the “TCR” indicator flashes up on the HUD, and I can feel the system kick in and kill power so I don’t spin the tyres. Isn’t TC the most helpful at lower speeds so you don’t end up spinning around in circles? I’m sure TC in the Horizon games has been programmed so it will not be a hindrance if it keeps killing power off-road or if you get stuck in the snow, but the driver would know to turn it off then! If this could be patched and made like FM7 I would appreciate it, especially when it comes to Winter!