Traction Control Online

I play with traction control turned off, but when racing online the game seems to want me to use it. I’ve checked my settings and traction control is off but in numerous events the traction control indicator appears and illuminates implying traction control is on.

I know it’s not the game forcing the setting on intentionally as in one adventure of 5 events this does not happen in every event. In one TCS will be off as intended, and the next race it’s on, and in race 3 it’s off again.

Please look into this.

I do notice this but it does it with my view.

There have been multiple updates since this was first posted and the issue persists.

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Are you sure that the game is, in fact, applying TCS to you? It could be just a matter of the animation just showing it in case of you using it and there not being 2 different animations.

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I never play the game with traction control. It’s always off in the settings and normally with the setting off, the text does not even appear in the speedo.

When I play online, sometimes the text appears in the speedo and it does animate. When it does this I can feel the vehicle cutting power. It’s very obvious and annoying on off-road races.

I’m not sure what’s causing this to appear. It happens to me and several others I regularly play with.