Tracks by kPbst

Hey everyone,

i also wanted to share the Tracks of my Creative Hub. Looking forward to your Feedback!

Just started to design Tracks in the last few days, but its so fun - so i think there is a lot to do in the future.

Here are my Tracks:

Festival Rush
A short Race through the Festival Terrain.
Code: 115 970 064

Viva Mexico
A longer Race (between 6 and 7 mins.) starting in the Canyons. You will see the Rush Festival, some streets of Guanajuato, the stadium, the Horzion Festival terrain and the Highway.
Code: 132 276 299

River Circuit
1 lap of 11,4 km. Starting in the streets of Mulege. Then having a tour around the River of Sierra Verde.
Code: 133 239 969

Guanajuato GP
1 lap in the streets of Guanajuato. Tried to create an atmosphere as in the Monaco Grand Prix. Test your handling skills.
Code: 812 367 230