Toyota GT-One Road Car 1998 (TS020)

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Toyota GT-One Road Car (TS020)

Arguably the ultimate 90’s hypercar. One of the 2 homologation specials missing to complete the '98 Le Mans lineup. It never won Le Mans but inspired the next generation of LMP2 & LMP1 cars that would follow it.

It’s so exclusive that even the Sultan of Brunei isn’t allowed to own one. 2 exist in museums and can be scanned any time.

Here is its story:


1998/99 Toyota GT One (TS020)

It would be amazing if you round off the gt1 monsters with the Toyota GT One TS020. I believe it would be a good edition to the game because it would counterbalance the power of the mclaren f1gt by instead having insane cornering ability.


These days, Toyota is the team to beat in the World Endurance Championship, but 25 years ago, they were still finding their feet in European circuit racing. At the time, the top-class endurance racers were mandated to be road-legal, which resulted in small-series production of the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and Porsche 911 GT1. While there are around 25 of both of those around, only two street-legal GT-Ones were made. The regulations also said there was to be luggage capacity for a small suitcase, which fit perfectly into the road car’s empty fuel tank… On the race track, the GT-One never really achieved the results its pace and drivers deserved. Taking pole at Le Mans in 1999, a tire failure robbed the Toyota of a chance to take victory from the leading BMW, but the prototype managed to come home second, winning in class. After that, Toyota canned their LMP program to focus on F1, only to return in 2012, and finally win the 24-hour race in 2018, and winning every race and WEC championship since then. We have most of the amazing GT1 cars in FH5, and the Toyota would be a great addition as possibly the fastest of them all.


I really hope it comes to the japan update in fh5 next month


If Toyota allows PG to use this car and release it in the game, I sure would love to get it to go with my R390 GT1


Pictures of car.

I think it would make more sense in Horizon leaving race version for Motorsport


Both 1998 & 1999 cars for both Horizon 5 & Motorsport.

Wasn’t sure whether this would be S1 or S2, but both the GT1 Porsche and R390 are in S1 Retro Supercars. The Road version would be great to see in Horizon.



I really want this in the game